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What is Forex Trading ?

The term “FOREX” stands for Foreign Exchange
FOREX (or FX as a short abbreviation) is a global currency exchange market where foreign currencies from all over the world are bought and sold for profit.

FOREX is the largest and most liquid market in the world
Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world where trillions of dollars exchanges take place every day. That’s an enormous money flow. No stock market exchange in the world come close to these numbers.
Currencies in the Forex market are traded 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Market literally follows the sun around the world. Trading moves from major banking centers of the United States to Australia and New Zealand, then to the Far East, gets to Europe and finally returns back to the States. Read More...


Humza Group

How to Earn on Forex? Instaforex Online Free Training

How to start

A famous proverb says "Professionals are not born, they are developed". Yet, the way "from newbie to expert" requires continuous education and constant skills development.
For receiving answers to all your questions, please familiarize yourself with the FAQsection. Examine Forex-Glossary where the most frequently used terms are explained.
There is nothing more effective than experience you get yourself. Yet, experience of others can be of great help too. Through communicating on the financial forum you can deepen your knowledge about the foreign exchange market, increase your professionalism in the sphere of online trading. Receiving information from traders, you gain essential experience which will be useful while trading on your live account. A large trading library is available on the forum (the section for newbies).
Even being at the learning stage you may trade on the live InstaForex account operating small amounts. An opportunity to work on the live account while educating is the main advantage of the company. Only trading on the live account can give a beginner the necessary knowledge about trader´s psychology which is crucial for dealing with big sums. With InstaForex Company you are welcome to open an unlimited number of DEMO-accounts and familiarize yourself with the trading conditions and MetaTrader4 terminal.
Contact our our consulting departments 24/7 in case any questions occur.
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Currency Trading News

Latest Currency Trading and Rates today.

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