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How to Claim Prize Bond

How to Claim Prize Bond Winning Prize Money
How to Claim Prize Bond
Prize Bond Winning Method


  • You should have won a prize bond in the last six years. Winning bond older than 6 years cannot be claimed.
  • The prize bond should not already be claimed on that draw date. One prize bond can win on multiple draw dates and can be claimed multiple times. In this case you will have to fill the claim form multiple times.
  • Stamped issue date on your prize bond should be at least two months less than the draw date.
  • Only those prize bonds qualify for prize money, which have been purchased two months prior to their respective draw.

How to Claim Prize Bond/Process

  • Prize money upto Rs 1250/- can be claimed National Savings Center, branches of authorized scheduled banks or branches of State Bank of Pakistan. Prize money exceeding Rs.1250/- can be claimed only from the branches of State Bank of Pakistan.
  • To claim a prize bond you need to fill one of the four forms, will be described later.
  • You will also need photocopy of your CNIC (Computerised Identity Card شناختی کارڈ), copy of the prize bond. The bond copy and original should be signed on back side. The photo copy length and width should be exactly sam as that of original, otherwise the staff might not accept.
  • You will have to wait for your turn sad submit the documents. Original Prize Bond, CNIC copy, Prize Bond Copy, Filled Form. After proper verification by the staff you will be handed over the original prize bond/its amount and your winning amount. When winning amount is larger than Rs 18,500/- the settlement of winning amount will take additional days. Below are the details:
AmountNo. of days
Upto Rs.18,500/ -Same Day
Upto Rs.185,000/ -10 Working Days
Upto Rs. 500,000/ -15 Working Days
Above Rs. 500,000/ -20 Working Days
  • Prize bonds winning prize money below Rs. 10,000/ - are returned, in case of prize  money Rs. 10,000/ - and above are retained and their face value i s paid to the claimant.
  • Prize bond winning amount is subject to 15% withholding tax.

Forms for Claiming Winning Prize Bonds

There are four types of forms
  1. PB-1 Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.1,000/- from Centres. You might only need this form for claiming 3rd Prize of Rs 100 prize bond.
  2. PB-23A Form for payment of prizes exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP.
  3. PB-23B Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP (same PDO). PDO stands for Public Debt Offices. PDO deals with securities issued by Government of Pakistan from time to time to raise debts enacted by Public Debt Act, 1944. Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to Government Securities issued by the Government
  4. PB-23C Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP (other PDO)

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Draw Number 68 of Rs. 40,000 prize bond will be held at Peshawar on 01 December 2016

Draw Number 68 of Rs. 40,000 prize bond will be held at Peshawar on 01 December 2016

Last Draw Summary (Draw #68 of Rs. 1,500 Prize Bond)
First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000 goes to bond number 720767
3 Prizes of Rs. 1,000,000
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Draw 40000, Prize Bond Rs,40000, Dec Draw


Rana Shahbaz Khan

U.S. Savings bonds Scheme

U.S. Savings bonds

Savings Bonds come in eight values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500, $1,000, and $5,000. After purchase, the holder must wait at least six months before cashing it in, when they will receive the capital plus some interest. The maturity periods can vary. For example, if you buy a bond with a value of $50 for $25, you'll have to wait at least 17 years to get back your investment from the government, depending on the interest rate. The longer you wait, the greater interest you earn, however savings bonds have a 30-year maximum of interest accrual. After that the bond no longer accrues interest. Savings Bonds are protected because they are secured by the U.S. government. The principal and earned interest are registered with the Treasury Department, so if a bond is lost, stolen, or destroyed they can be replaced at no cost. Savings bonds can also have value as a collectible since the government stopped issuing them in paper form.

Current bond types
  • EE-Bonds are fixed interest bonds that are guaranteed to double in face value over 20-years. The rate is fixed upon purchase. Tax is deferred until the bond is cashed. The maximum amount that can be purchased is $10,000 per person per year in electronic form.
  • I-Bonds have fixed and variable rate components. The fixed rate is set at the time of purchase. The variable rate is adjusted every 6 months based on consumer price inflation. The variable rate can be less than zero in times of deflation but the combined rate cannot be less than zero. The maximum amount that can be purchased is $10,000 per person per year in electronic form. An additional $5,000 can be purchased using your income tax refund on form 1040.
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Prize Bond, US Saving Bonds, Earn Money Online



How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Today I’ll be explaining how to increase your websites adsense earnings using a few simple methods I’ve picked up over the years.
Yesterday as I was checking my stats, as I do everyday. I noticed my adsense earnings were looking pretty good and slightly higher than my average days adsense earnings.
Here’s a screen shot I’ve taken this morning showing yesterdays performance.

It shows that yesterday from Adsense only I made £28.75 which converts to just over $46 USD, not bad!
I’ve actually had many days that have produced higher earnings but that’s not really the point I’m trying to get at here, adsense for me is all about building a passive income.
I didn’t have to work for the money that I earned yesterday. Its a regular & recurring income from the work I did weeks, months or even years ago in some cases.
Adsense is great because it allows you to work when you want and when your up and running it will provide a income for years.
Imagine this for a second: Getting paid for work you did a year ago!
You’ll also get paid for that work tomorrow too, and the next day, and the next…
Adsense is powerful and I highly recommend you put it to use.
Okay, On with the Tips
There are three factors that can be changed to effect your adsense earnings.
Impressions – The amount of people that visit your site and see your adverts
CTR – Click Through Rate is the ratio of people that actually click on your adverts
CPC – The amount you get paid when a person clicks on your adverts
Increasing Impressions
An impression is recorded when a person sees one of your adsense adverts.
You can increase impressions by increasing the amount unique visitors to your website. Providing lots of valuable content on your website topic will ensure you get lots of visitors to your website. I define valuable content as something the visitor can use, read, watch or listen too and benefit from.
Build your site for people, not for Google!
The second way you can increase impressions is to increase page views.
If you can encourage people to visit more pages on your website the better chance of them clicking on your adsense adverts and thus making you money. Once again content is the key here is you have lots of content on your site make it easy for a person to keep on reading through your site. Display links to related topics or articles you think the person would enjoy reading or learning from.
You can see an example of this tip in action the bottom of this post see “related posts” and to the right see “recent posts” these are designed to keep you on my website and keep you engaged for as long as possible.
Another way you can increase page views is to follow up with the visitors by having them subscribe to your RSS feed, Email Newsletter, Facebook page e.t.c
Your most likely reading this article because of the email I sent to you and this is one of the ways I follow up with my visitors.
I’m sharing everything here! It’s a mutual exchange between you and the visitor as you provide content they will provide clicks.
Don’t forget you get out what you put it.
Increasing CTR
Your CTR will vary wildly across your pages and websites if you have more than one, I consider a good CTR to be around 3-5% but I have seen sites that will be much higher or lower on a regular basis.
If your primary income source is from adsense you’ll probably need to be hitting at least 1% to make a reasonable amount of money for your time spent creating the sites content. Note that the CTR is only part of the equation it is possible to have a very low click though rate but high impressions and CPC which can provide a good income.
To increase your Click Through Rate you can increase the number of Adsense blocks per page as this will increase the overall impression of the ads on your website.

You can also increase the variety of Ad blocks on your web pages. Try testing different sizes and formats (links, text, image, mixed).
Position is very important to your CTR and generally you will receive more clicks if your Ads are placed where the visitors eyes scan over the pages content. Side banners are less effective in most case but can significant clicks if located near navigation buttons or links to other pages.
Note: Be careful where you place you Ads and how you display them! Don’t try to get clicks by misleading or misdirecting the visitor as this is against the Adsense TOS. A example of this would be a navigation menu that is in the same format and colors as a Adsense with a Ad block right next to it. Also keep your ads away from anything that says click here or download here as this can lead to problems with Google too.
Another great way to increase CTR but should be noted at the expense of visitor experience and should only be used in certain scenarios. Is to create what I would describe as exit pages. Exit pages are basic pages in your website that have content but can only be exited by clicking out on your adsense ads or by using the back button. Use this tip with caution and only on your deepest pages.
Thinks that covers the basics of increasing CTR.
Increasing Cost Per Click
Two main factors contribute to your CPC:
Website Content
Visitor Demographic / Location
Your website content can be written to provide excellent visitor value and to increase your CPC I recommend you make use of the Google Adwords keyword tool and do some searches on your targeted keywords with the cpc column checked. You should reveal some juicy keyword phrases that you didn’t think about and then all you need to do is create the content around these new keyword phrases.

In the example above for “Dog Training” you can see the best paying keyword phrase in this section is Dog Training Schools with a cpc of £0.71 and the worst paying is Dog Training Tips with a cpc of £0.27. So assuming everything else was equal a article you written about dog training schools would pay more than your article about dog training tips.
Generally big buyer markets or high ticket (high priced) items will provide higher cost per clicks, Insurance & Finacial services are examples of these high ticket / high cpc topics.
It makes sense to think about the cpc rate before you create your next piece of content.
The second big factor in your cpc pay rate is your visitors demographic / social group & location because when advertisers put their ads on the content network they have the option to choose who their ads will be displayed to. Many advertisers will selectivlely choose which people best match with their product.
An example of this would be High street fashion shop and they would most likely target women aged 18-50 located within 50 miles of their shop.
Design your website for your visitors but be aware of your demographics, you could be going into a market that does not attract cash rich advertisers.
This problem is common for lots of gaming & social media sites as they attract lots of young people but then have difficulty in getting advertisers interested in buying the available adspace. Unless of course the advertiser is also into the gaming market and even if they are the cpc will probably be very low.
Test your content and check your cpc with different types visitors because every website and market is different.
Use Google analytics to check your visitor demographics or try using alexa.com for checking on other peoples websites.
Ok that’s it.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you put these tips into practice, I’m confident that these few small changes will increase your websites Adsense revenue.
If you would like to learn more please check out some of these adsense guides that I have personally used to help increase earnings on my own websites.
Adsense Cash Craze
Adsense Domination Secrets
Build Your Own Adsense Empire
Adsense Revenue Exposed
Please feel free to comment below and share your tips, thoughts or suggestions on this topic.
Have a great day

Prize Bond Hints

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